Essential Flossing Tips for Healthier Gums

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If you're not already flossing your teeth, now is a great time to start. Flossing regularly and with the right technique can remove food particles that encourage bad bacteria to grow. Overall, it's an excellent habit to adopt when you want to keep your gums healthy. Here are some tips for making your flossing a success.  Achieve Consistency As with any new habit, it takes a while to settle into flossing if you don't already do it.

1 April 2022

4 Reasons Your Teeth Are Changing Colour

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Are you noticing that your teeth are changing colour? You're not alone. Many people notice their teeth changing colour, and there is usually a reason why. This article will discuss four of the most common reasons your teeth might be changing colour. Keep reading to find out more! 1. Poor oral hygiene habits A common reason for teeth changing colour is poor oral hygiene habits such as not brushing frequently enough or well enough.

15 February 2022

How Changing Your Diet Can Improve Your Oral Health

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The things you eat and drink every day impact your oral health. Your overall oral health can be influenced by what types of food you eat, when you eat it and how much you eat. Below is a guide to some dietary changes you can make to improve your oral health. Limit snacking between meals When people snack throughout the day, their mouths are in constant contact with sugars that gradually wear away at the tooth enamel.

15 December 2021

What Happens If You Damage a Tooth While Wearing Braces?

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Orthodontics corrects problems with your teeth, and it shouldn't create them. But it's certainly possible for you to experience dental trauma while wearing your braces, even if the trauma is unrelated to the fact that you have braces. What happens if you suffer an accident that damages your teeth while you're wearing braces? Avoid Potential Accidents In the first place, you need to do everything within your power to avoid potential accidents during your orthodontic treatment.

26 October 2021

Top Reasons to See an Emergency Dentist When You Have a Toothache

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Oral hygiene is a prerequisite for healthy teeth; hence, it should start early in childhood. Nonetheless, you will still experience severe toothaches at some point, which can disrupt your daily activities and even lower your concentration levels. The worst part is that toothaches get worse at night because of fewer distractions and increased blood flow. The best solution for a severe toothache is to visit an emergency dentist. Here are some solid reasons to do so.

20 September 2021

5 Reasons Why Flossing Makes Your Periodontist Happy

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Periodontists emphasise the importance of daily flossing to their patients, but they don't always have the time to explain why it matters so much. Here are several reasons why flossing every day is likely to make your periodontist happy with the state of your gums. 1. Flossing Removes Plaque Dental plaque is a film of bacteria that grows on the teeth. Brushing your teeth removes plaque from the surfaces of the teeth but does not reach into the spaces between the teeth.

26 July 2021

Do You Need Recovery Time After a Root Canal?

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There are some types of dental procedures (such as dental implants or surgical tooth extractions) that come with mandatory downtime afterwards. You need to allow for ample recuperation time after these procedures since your body needs time to recover from the invasive nature of the process. But is it the same when you receive a root canal? Getting Home Afterwards Invasive dental procedures usually mean you need to have someone drive you home afterwards.

24 June 2021