Essential Flossing Tips for Healthier Gums

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If you're not already flossing your teeth, now is a great time to start. Flossing regularly and with the right technique can remove food particles that encourage bad bacteria to grow. Overall, it's an excellent habit to adopt when you want to keep your gums healthy. Here are some tips for making your flossing a success. 

Achieve Consistency

As with any new habit, it takes a while to settle into flossing if you don't already do it. However, it's only by achieving consistency that you'll reap the rewards for your oral health. Try carrying some floss with you so that you remember to do it after meals. And make sure you place some next to your toothbrush so you don't forget to do it after brushing your teeth.

Decide When

There are benefits to flossing before and after you brush your teeth, so all you need to do is decide when is best for you. If you floss before brushing, you create a clearer area for your fluoride to spread out on. Or, by brushing before flossing you spread the fluoride out between your teeth. You may also decide that flossing is best after eating a meal, as it can dislodge food particles that would otherwise stay there until you brush again.

Avoid Your Gums

Until you refine your flossing technique, you may find that you strike your gums a couple of times. However, you should try to avoid doing this wherever possible. Your gums are sensitive, so too much floss exposure could cause them to bruise. If you find that your gums bleed regularly after flossing, discuss the issue with your dentist. They may want to examine your mouth for signs of gum disease.

Refine a Technique

Flossing might feel a little awkward until you perfect your technique. In addition to avoiding your gums, you should make sure you move your floss down the edges of each tooth. Doing so dislodges food and clears away plaque that your toothbrush may miss. Everyone's mouth is different, so try experimenting with different angles and techniques until you get your routine right.

Try Different Brands

If you still feel uncomfortable with flossing after a couple of weeks, try experimenting with different brands. Some have different textures and tastes that make the task more pleasant. Once you find a brand you're happy with, stock up on a few packs so you always have some available.  

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1 April 2022

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