What Are the Benefits of Using an Emergency Dentist?

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In a dental emergency, swift treatment can save a tooth or prevent severe infection from occurring. Some people choose to put off dental treatment. But delaying emergency dental care could worsen your dental injury further.

Calling an emergency dentist when you have a severe dental injury or condition offers many benefits.

Your dentist can assess the problem straight away

Some dental conditions are difficult to assess without a dentist's help. Unless you understand what the dental condition is, you can't treat the problem effectively. And in some cases, you may even exacerbate the condition. For instance, if you knock a tooth out in a game and replace the tooth incorrectly or too slowly, you might lose that tooth forever.

Calling an emergency dentist will help you get a fast assessment, as well as some professional advice on what to do following the injury or condition.

You can relieve your pain quickly

Oral pain can be severe, especially if you don't treat it quickly. And in many cases, such as in the case of a toothache or gum infection, the pain worsens over time. An emergency dentist can administer some pain relief so you can then go about your day without the burden of oral pain.

You can save damaged teeth

Once your adult teeth come in, you only have one set of teeth for the rest of your life. That's why each tooth is precious. Losing just one tooth can make chewing more difficult. This could affect your other teeth and lead to digestion problems.

Dislodged or partially dislodged teeth need fast treatment that involves repositioning them so they can heal. Although you can replace a knocked-out tooth yourself, or reposition one, doing it the wrong way could cause the tooth to die. An emergency dentist can quickly replace a knocked-out tooth and ensure that it heals properly.

Chipped or broken teeth are also fragile because the nerve inside the tooth could be exposed to bacteria and acids in the food you eat. An emergency dentist can apply a filling or a dental crown to protect a damaged tooth.

You can save time

Putting off dental treatment could ultimately waste precious time. Although you can book an appointment, you might not always be able to get the treatment on the day that you want it. This means you'll waste time waiting in the queue while your dental condition goes untreated. Emergency dentists allow you to get fast treatment without the need for waiting in a queue.

If you have a dental emergency, don't put treatment off. An emergency dentist can save your tooth and save you precious time.


12 May 2022

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