Do You Need Recovery Time After a Root Canal?

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There are some types of dental procedures (such as dental implants or surgical tooth extractions) that come with mandatory downtime afterwards. You need to allow for ample recuperation time after these procedures since your body needs time to recover from the invasive nature of the process. But is it the same when you receive a root canal?

Getting Home Afterwards

Invasive dental procedures usually mean you need to have someone drive you home afterwards. This is largely due to the required strength of the anaesthetic and its lingering aftereffects. A root canal generally only calls for a local anaesthetic to numb your jaw, and this won't prevent you from driving yourself. Likewise, you can safely use public transport. However, if your level of sensitivity means you need a stronger form of anaesthetic (which is the case for some patients), then you may need to make arrangements for someone to see you safely home. 

Pain Medication

Once home, the anaesthetic needed for the root canal will have begun to wear off. You will then benefit from over-the-counter pain relief, which should be more than adequate. Root canals generally don't result in the need for prescription pain relief. Your discomfort can also be minimised by your eating habits. Do not use the treated tooth to chew or bite until it has had sufficient time to heal. Stick to soft foods, taking care to avoid anything chewy or sticky, which can dislodge the temporary filling applied to your tooth.

Your Daily Activities

Your level of discomfort won't prevent you from immediately resuming your regular activities (such as your job or studies), however, some caution is advised. If your daily activities are physically demanding, requiring a great deal of manual labour, then a day of recovery can be extremely beneficial. It's unlikely that a newly-applied root canal will result in bleeding, but it's important not to take risks and to avoid physically strenuous activities that could aggravate your treated tooth. The same goes for exercise. Take it easy for a day or two to aid your recovery. 

Recovering from a root canal certainly isn't demanding, and aside from some minor discomfort, you might not have any concerns at all. Remember that despite the fact that the root canal isn't invasive, your body still needs some recuperation time, and this must be taken into consideration when planning your schedule for the days following the procedure.

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24 June 2021

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