Top Hacks for a Comfortable Clear Braces Experience

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Today, there are millions of clear braces treatment success stories worldwide due to the convenience, flexibility, and ease of using the trays. Clear braces are particularly popular with adults who see traditional metallic braces as a nuisance. Once you receive clear aligners, an orthodontist will advise you on taking good care of the devices. However, you can use everyday hacks to enhance your experience with clear braces. This post explores a few tips.

Invest in a Nail File

How does a nail file and clear braces end up in the same sentence? Well, aligners are made from thermoplastic, and most new pieces have sharp edges. The sharp spots can feel uncomfortable at first, but the soft tissue in your mouth adapt with time. Some patients go back to their orthodontist to have the sharp edges corrected. However, if you invest in a suitable nail file, you do not have to wait three or four days for the uncomfortable feeling to ebb. Use a nail file to grind down any sharp or rough spots into smooth edges. The quick fix eliminates the need to go back to a dentist.

Always Wear Aligners at Night

Wearing aligners 22 hours a day is recommended for the best results. It means that you have 2 hours every day to remove braces and give your mouth a break. Distribution of the 2 hours is critical to your comfort and successful treatment. Although some people prefer to take their braces off during the night, it is advisable to leave them on. The reason is that your teeth have a higher chance of moving into their new positions when you wear braces for an uninterrupted period. During the day, you can occasionally take clear braces off to eat, drink, or give your mouth a rest.

Buy Two Cases 

Treat your clear braces' case like your shadow; it goes wherever you go. Unfortunately, some patients live dangerously and take chances with a single case. That is until you go to a restaurant and have to wrap your aligners in tissue paper because you forgot the case back home. Not only is it unhygienic, but it also increases the chances of losing clear aligners. To avoid the issue, invest in an extra case, which you can keep in your handbag or pouch at all times. This way, you always have a case with you, whether you are at home or out.

If you're interested in clear aligners like Invisalign, reach out to a professional. 


10 May 2021

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