When Is the Best Time to Have Dental Implants Placed?

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No two patients are in the same situation regarding tooth loss. Some patients have existing oral conditions, and others are in excellent oral health. This means that the ideal timing of dental implant placement is different for everyone. In general, the best time to have dental implant procedure is as soon as you have a need.  

1. Immediately after tooth extraction

The best time to place a dental implant is immediately following an extraction. This is when the jawbone is at its strongest before the bone around the missing tooth has begun to resorb. While you won't be able to chew with an immediate dental implant because the implant needs time to fuse to your jawbone, it will look like a natural tooth.

2. After your mouth has healed following a traumatic extraction

Sometimes, extractions require a little more force. For instance, if the roots of your teeth are unusually long, your dentist may need to exert more force to remove them. But once your gum and jawbone have healed in several weeks, your dentist can place your implant.

3. After you have cleared up any existing dental infections

Dental infections such as tooth abscesses and gum disease rule out early placement of dental implants. If you place a dental implant into an infected socket, the chances of that dental implant failing increase. Therefore, if you have any existing dental infections around the missing tooth, then your dentist may prescribe you with some antibiotics and ask you to wait for the infection to clear.

4. After you have quit smoking

Smoking is bad for your overall oral health. Smoking shrinks the blood vessels in your jaw. This means that your ability to heal after implant surgery is less than that of other non-smoking patients. Smoking also weakens the immune system. Together, these issues can cause a dental implant to fail during the healing process. If you smoke and you need a dental implant, the best time to place your dental implant is after you have quit smoking.

5. After you have taken the time to find the right implant dentist

General dentists don't place dental implants. Prosthodontists place dental implants. As such, take the time to locate an experienced and reputable prosthodontist after you have had a tooth extracted. Check the case history of your chosen prosthodontist to ensure that you can trust that your dental implant will look and feel natural.

If you ask your dentist, they may be able to recommend a skilled prosthodontist for you once they have extracted your tooth. 


7 January 2021

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