Three Indicators Of The Need For New Dentures

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Although you have several options available to you when seeking tooth replacement, dentures remain one of the most popular options for individuals for a couple of reasons. Firstly, dentures have evolved to become more comfortable over the years, so they are a functional option if you have lost multiple teeth. Secondly, dentures are the most affordable option in the market and this makes them an ideal solution for individuals with a tight budget. Nevertheless, despite their durability, dentures will become worse of wear over time. And if you do not have them replaced, you not only lose functionality from the dentures but you also stand the chance of oral injuries. To avoid these misfortunes, here are three indicators that should alert you to the need for new dentures.

Incessant aching

Oral pain is something that happens occasionally, and this is largely dependent on your hygiene! However, once the pain is incessant, it is inadvisable to self-medicate with over the counter meds. Instead, you should visit your dentist to determine what the problem is and the best way forward. In some cases, the dentures may end up wearing, and this translates into excessive pressure on your jawbone. As a result, you could end up developing temporomandibular joint disorder. TMJ not only manifests as pain, but you could end up experiencing headaches, tinnitus and more. If the incessant pain is stemming from your dentures, then it is imperative to have them replaced. Failure to do so could lead to never damage among other disorders.

Visible damage

Another sign that you should never ignore since it is indicative of dentures that require replacing is physical damage. Similar to your natural teeth, the dentures need to be in good physical condition if they are to retain functionality. If the dentures have acquired a crack, you should have them replaced since the constant pressure that the fake teeth are under when you chew will only exacerbate the seemingly minor mage. Conspicuous damage in the form of a chip or breakage should have you stop wearing your dentures immediately and set up an appointment with your dentist for a new set.

Perpetually dirty

The third sign of the need for new dentures is if the teeth seem discoloured beyond repair! Although dentures are easier to clean when compared to natural teeth. They can acquire permanent staining that will make them appear unattractive. However, the staining could also be indicative of a larger underlying problem. If you soak the dentures routinely and clean them thoroughly yet they still have some discoloured spots, it could mean that bacteria have started breeding on the false teeth. Whether the staining comes from pigmented food substances or bacteria have compromised the dentures, it is a clear sign that they need replacing.


9 November 2019

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