Why Students Shouldn't Leave Wisdom Tooth Removal Till The Last Minute

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When you're a busy student, the pain and discomfort you feel from an impacted wisdom tooth can seem secondary to everything else you need to do—from studying to socialising. However, if you do think you need your wisdom teeth removed, it's always best to prioritise your dental health and get it done sooner rather than later. Here are four reasons why.

Waiting Could Mess With Your Grades 

If you wait until your wisdom tooth pain gets severe to get it removed, it could have a serious effect on your grades. If your university is like most, you likely to need complete essays and exams throughout the year. If you choose to ignore your wisdom tooth problems, you could find that they become impossible to ignore during the worst possible time: right before a deadline. Securing an extension can be difficult at many schools, even when you have a medical reason, and it can also interfere with future studying. 

Instead, if you make a plan to get your wisdom tooth removed while it's still not causing you severe pain, you can make sure to plan it around your test schedule. This will ensure you have plenty of time to get your work done and keep your grades up as well as enough time to rest and recover after surgery.

Waiting Could Result in Complications

Another major reason to schedule wisdom tooth removal sooner rather than later is that leaving it too late could result in complications. Your tooth could grow even further in the wrong direction, for example, or your gums could become infected. Not only do these complications often result in serious pain, but they can also result in the need for more than one appointment or procedure, messing with your busy schedule.

Waiting Could Drain Your Budget

If like most students, you live on a tight budget, it's always best to get on top of your wisdom tooth problems early. If you leave it too late, you could find yourself having to book an emergency surgery, which is often more expensive (especially if you need an appointment outside normal weekday hours). Plus, if you do suffer complications and need to visit the dentist more than once to fix them, each of those appointments will eat away at your budget. If you plan your tooth extraction in advance, however, you'll get a better price for your surgery, and you'll have time to work your budget around it. You may even be able to pay for your treatment on a payment plan to make budgeting easier.

Waiting Could Cause You More Stress

These days, student life is stressful. Many university-goers balance studying, working, socialising and more every day, and all those responsibilities can quickly weigh down on you. The last thing you need is more stress, which is exactly what your wisdom tooth could bring if you leave your condition to worsen. You'll find yourself fretting about when you'll have time to have surgery, and the increasing pain and discomfort will only make that stress harder to deal with. Booking an extraction before things get serious will take a load off your mind, ensuring you can enjoy your university life with minimal worries.


3 December 2018

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