Are Your Teeth Crazy? What You Need to Know About Craze Lines

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You might think that you misheard your dentist. Did they just say that your teeth are crazy? It's more likely that they actually told you that your teeth have craze lines. You might have even noticed them yourself, which could be the reason for visiting your local dental services provider. These vertical lines which can form on your teeth can vary in their noticeability, and develop gradually. So if one day you look in the mirror and begin to suspect that there are vertical lines running down your teeth that seem to be becoming more prominent, then it's time to learn all about craze lines (and of course, what you can do about them).

Shallow Vertical Cracks

Craze lines are simply the name for shallow vertical cracks that develop in your dental enamel. They are the result of wear and tear, and sometimes you might not even notice you have them until your dentist points them out. Sometimes you might notice them yourself since the very existence of the cracks makes them susceptible to staining, particularly if your diet contains a number of the items that are known to discolour teeth (coffee, red wine and many other things). In cases where the enamel has not been compromised and discolouration is the only real downside to the craze lines, then teeth whitening might be all that is needed.

The Depth of the Cracks

When the craze lines are of a depth that raises concerns about the state of your dental enamel, your dentist might wish to fill these lines in, or even cover them. A thin layer of dental cement can be applied to the surfaces of your teeth, much like filling in a crack in the pavement. For particularly deep craze lines that have the potential to breach the enamel, your dentist might even suggest dental veneers. This is a wafer-thin sheet (generally made of porcelain) fabricated to be an exact match for the tooth it will cover. It's then bonded to the tooth, covering the craze lines and holding off further damage to your dental enamel.

Premature Wear and Tear

While craze lines are largely the result of general wear and tear, your dentist might also wish to rule out reasons for premature wear and tear. If you grind your teeth at night, this can exacerbate your craze lines, but this will also be evident from examining the crowns of your other teeth. If teeth grinding is suspected, your dentist may suggest you wear a mouthguard at night.

Craze lines are nothing to be concerned about, but it's worthwhile to get them checked to make sure that they're not about to damage your dental enamel.


18 May 2018

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