Tips for Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures for Your Smile

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Cosmetic dentistry has the potential to boost your confidence and transform your smile. As one of the first features others notice about you, your teeth are worthy of a little extra attention from time to time. However, before you opt for a procedure, take a step back to consider what you will benefit from. Factors such as your budget, what you need to change, and underlying dental concerns will affect which cosmetic dentistry procedure is right for you.

What is your biggest cosmetic concern?

Before choosing your procedure, consider what your biggest cosmetic concern is. While many people find themselves facing just one, others may need to choose between straightening their teeth, whitening them, or adding in veneers for a Hollywood smile.

If you have several options on your mind, think about which one will have the biggest impact on your appearance. Although it's tempting to aim for several procedures at once, you may find it isn't possible to do so. As such, it's advisable to prepare for the journey ahead with a primary goal in mind. 

Can you budget for your chosen procedure right now?

While some dentists may advertise rough estimates of procedure prices on their sites, you may find the costs are higher for several reasons. For example, after performing an assessment of your oral health, your dentist may recommend oral health treatments prior to starting your cosmetic dentistry procedure.

As such, it's a good idea to analyse your finances and identify whether you can afford any potential extra costs. Similarly, if you plan to choose a procedure and pay for it using credit, make sure you can afford monthly payments and any potential interest increases.

Is your dental health at its best?

Even when your teeth are looking fantastic, you may find that underlying poor oral health acts as a barrier to your chosen cosmetic dentistry treatment. Hidden conditions such as gingivitis, cracked teeth that aren't yet causing pain, and extensive gum disease could prevent your dentist from providing your treatment of choice.

As such, you need to maintain your regular checkups, and potentially visit your usual dentist for an assessment before approaching a cosmetic professional. Doing so is particularly advisable when you're opting for veneers, as their invasive nature makes your mouth vulnerable to infections. Because of this, a cosmetic dentist is unlikely to install them until you resolve any oral health problems.

Cosmetic dentistry is a life-changing field that can boost your aesthetic appeal. Before you take the plunge, consider all of your options carefully and plan for unexpected changes.


19 March 2018

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