Dental Tourism: 4 Benefits

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Increasing numbers of Australians who are experiencing dental problems are choosing to become dental tourists by travelling to countries in Asia for treatment. Below is a guide to 4 benefits of becoming a dental tourist.

Reduced Cost

If you do not have dental insurance or a complicated dental procedure means you are facing significant out-of-pocket expenses, you may not be able to afford to receive dental treatment in Australia. If you have a painful condition, such as an infected wisdom tooth, continuing without treatment may not be an option. Even with the cost of flights and accommodation, travelling overseas for advanced or complicated dental treatment can still be much cheaper than visiting an Australian dental office.

High Quality of Care

Paying less for your treatment doesn't mean that the quality of your dental care will be reduced. The savings you may reap are often a result of the differing exchange rate and the strength of the Australian dollar compared to Asian currencies. Many dentists who practice back in their home countries in Asia trained at top dental schools in Australia, Europe and the USA. Before you travel, you should check the background of the dentist you will be visiting to ensure they are fully qualified to carry out the work you require. 

A Chance to Take a Holiday

No one wants to spend a few hours on a plane travelling thousands of miles just to visit the dentist. Travelling to another country to receive dental care also gives you a great chance to take a holiday. You should consider combining the trip with a few days on a local beach or exploring the city in which you receive your treatment. Doing so will help you to take your mind off any discomfort you feel once you have visited the dentist.

A Patient-Centred Service

Because you will be seen as a private patient when receiving dental treatment abroad, the service can be much more centred on your needs and requirements. Many dental clinics located in Asia will specially cater for international patients, offering free consultations, guaranteed appointments and reduced waiting time. 

If you are considering travelling abroad as a dental tourist, it is important that you first have a check-up with an Australian dentist. Your local dentist will be able to advise you about the type of treatment you require so you can pass this information on to the foreign dental office.


22 March 2017

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When I had my first child, I was a nervous wreck. Every book I read gave different advice, and I just wanted to be right! By the time I had my third child, some of the stress had abated. I now realised, there were tons of different perspectives on everything related to raising children including dentistry. To help parents, I have created this blog dedicated to unraveling dental myths about children. I am including posts that weigh both sides of issues such as thumb sucking, dental caries, breastfeeding, flossing and any other topic I can think of. I hope you find the information you need to unravel dental myths, but most importantly, I hope you find some peace of mind. With kids and dentistry, there can be more than one right answer, and I want you to be able to relax and go with the answer that's right for you.