What Can I Do for Teeth Whitening if I Drink a Lot of Coffee?

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If you are a heavy coffee drinker, one of the things that may be causing you problems is the colour of your teeth. The discoloration caused by coffee stains can lead you to want a teeth whitening method that starts showing changes in the shade of your teeth within the first few uses and is easy to maintain over a long period of time. Though you can go to your dentist to be placed on a teeth whitening treatment plan, there are also some steps you can do from home. Here are a few of those steps that can help with teeth whitening and help reduce coffee stains from heavy coffee consumption.

Rinsing After Coffee

You may already know that you can use a straw to help reduce coffee stains. In fact, that is the number one suggestion, but something that should go hand in hand with that is rinsing after the coffee. The straw use will only help cut down on some of the staining. You will still have coffee in your mouth and that can reach some of your teeth and stain them. In order to remove the residue coffee can leave behind, rinse after each cup of coffee. This will help get the residue out of your mouth and freshen your breath as well. This will also help reduce sugars or milk residue if you use cream and sugar in your coffee.

Use Enzyme Boasting Toothpaste

When you think of the stains on your teeth, you likely think of tooth whitening pastes and mouthwashes. Though these will help, you should consider looking for an enzyme boasting toothpaste as well. This is especially true for people who are heavy coffee or tea drinkers. The enzymes help prevent staining liquids and foods sticking to your teeth as they help create a barrier that will reduce the stains.

Avoid Cheap Kits

You may be tempted to go with a whitening kit to help reduce the stains and get a shade that you are looking for. Though teeth whitening kits are an option, try to avoid cheaper kits. Some of these kits can contain chemicals or abrasives that can be particularly dangerous, like plastic microbeads or high levels of peroxide.

Check the level of peroxide if you do go with a cheaper kit. Higher levels can cause issues with mouth burns or with sensitivity in your teeth. If you are unsure about what kit may be ideal for your teeth, consider a dental consultation. You may find that your local dentist can offer an ongoing teeth whitening treatment that works with your budget and helps reduce stains, sensitivity and other issues.


30 October 2016

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