3 New Developments in Dentistry Every Patient Should Know About

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The medical field is changing on a consistent basis, and that change can even be seen at your dentist offices. There are several new developments occurring that every patient should know about. These developments could help with implants, surgical procedures, and advanced care for oral disease. Here are a few of those new developments and what you should know about each one.

3-D Printing

One development that could change the way you receive implants and even dentures is the use of 3-D printing in dentistry. This development will help create replacement dental tissue as well as dentures and bridges in the same day. They can also be fitted and adjusted prior to printing to ensure they fit the area on a per-patient basis.

This development could mean that more dentists offices can begin using 3-D printing and expand their on site services to accommodate more patients and reduce wait times. For example, certain dental products like dentures would not need to be manufactured off site, which causes a delay in manufacturing that results in longer waits for the patients.

Bone Reduction Leveling

One of the developments in dentistry deals with bone grafting and alternatives to that procedure. If you are facing dental implants, you may know that bone grafting is step that may be necessary to rebuild lost bone and tissue as a result of tooth decay. This can be a painful procedure, and many dentists are now looking toward bone reduction and leveling. This procedure helps to level out the bone and give a better area to work with. If you are interested in this as an alternative, your dentist can perform 3-D X-rays to determine if you are a candidate for the procedure prior to your implants. 

Ozone Gum Infection Treatments

There is a new treatment being developed that will use ozone nano-bubble water to treat gum infections. This is an antiseptic that would be used as a step in the gum infection treatment process. It would be used following the scraping of the gums in place of current antiseptics. The reason this is being considered is due to the level of antimicrobial activity. A bottling method for the nano-bubble water is being worked on in Tokyo.

These are just three of the new developments that every patient should know about when it comes to their dental health. Though some of these options are still in development, the outcome could mean a great deal to patients wanting to avoid certain issues like strokes or the spread of gum infection. For more information about possible treatment options, contact your dentist


28 July 2015

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