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Dental healthcare is a necessary part of the overall well-being making it a vital part of the general healthcare process. However, dental services can also be quite costly and many people struggle to pay these costs. It is helpful to know the various options that you have when it comes to paying for these services. You can pay for dental care through the following ways:

Capitation scheme

Some dental services offer you the option of saving up for treatment through making installment payments on a regular basis. You can start paying the installments before the dental treatment is due.  You can use this system to make installment payments for yearly dental examinations such as X-rays, tightening braces and other preventive care services. You can also go for a comprehensive plan that allows you to enjoy unlimited dental treatment at the clinic as long as you keep up with regular payments to the clinic.

Dental insurance

You can also get dental insurance through your employer or independently. Dental insurance covers routine checkups, regular dental treatment, accident and emergency treatment. There are many factors involved in drumming up a dental insurance plan. You have to consider things such as the waiting period before you can start making a claim, if the cover adequately meets your dental needs, limits for some treatments and policy excess. Many people find dental insurance very limiting especially when insurer only cover treatments deemed as necessary.

Medical insurance

Some medical insurance companies offer comprehensive coverage including eye and dental treatments. Therefore, you do not have to pay more than one insurance premium. An example of a situation where the medical insurance will cover dental treatment costs is if one was involved in an accident and ended up with a broken jaw among other injuries and had to be admitted to hospital. Discuss the private medical insurance policy with your insurer to find out if dental treatments are part of your cover.

Credit agreement and loans

You can also use loans and credit agreements to pay for dental treatments when the situation is very dire. Specialists are usually quite costly and most of the other payment options cannot cover the cost of treatment. If you have a good rapport with the dental clinic or dentist, they can put you in a credit agreement allowing you to make payments, with interest, until the entire cost of treatment is completed. This option is ideal for paying for emergency treatments that you have not had a chance to save up.

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27 April 2015

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When I had my first child, I was a nervous wreck. Every book I read gave different advice, and I just wanted to be right! By the time I had my third child, some of the stress had abated. I now realised, there were tons of different perspectives on everything related to raising children including dentistry. To help parents, I have created this blog dedicated to unraveling dental myths about children. I am including posts that weigh both sides of issues such as thumb sucking, dental caries, breastfeeding, flossing and any other topic I can think of. I hope you find the information you need to unravel dental myths, but most importantly, I hope you find some peace of mind. With kids and dentistry, there can be more than one right answer, and I want you to be able to relax and go with the answer that's right for you.